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Amr Al-Dabbagh—an omnipreneur—is Chairman and CEO of Al-Dabbagh Group, a diversified conglomerate with companies in more than 60 countries.

Al-Dabbagh was Governor of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) for eight years, with a rank of minister. During his tenure, Al-Dabbagh launched the “10 x 10” initiative to position Saudi Arabia among the top ten most competitive investment destinations by the year 2010; by the end of Al-Dabbagh’s second term, Saudi Arabia was ranked eleventh in The World Bank’s Doing Business report. Al-Dabbagh also launched the world’s first economic cities, some of which are publicly traded on the Saudi Stock Exchange.

Al-Dabbagh’s experience in the public sector is captured in his first book, Governpreneurship: Establishing a Thriving Entrepreneurial Spirit in Government, which also features success stories of entrepreneurial practices in government around the world.

Al-Dabbagh is currently a Trustee of the Philadelphia-based Eisenhower Fellows, a member of the Cleveland Clinic International Leadership Board, and a Governor of London Business School.

Al-Dabbagh is also founder of Philanthropy University 


Al-Dabbagh has long credited 10 specific “golden rules” for his success. These rules—plus the 3 interlocking principles of giving to others, earning to finance giving, and sustaining the giving and the earning over time—work with 5 specific values to help him maintain personal balance.


Al-Dabbagh has launched a variety of philanthropic initiatives focused on maximizing the impact, scale, and sustainability of social change.  Giving is done without preference for religion, creed, or belief—with the singular aim of and always aims to make the world a better place.

  • The London-based Stars Foundation supports locally-led solutions for disadvantaged children in the 100 countries with the highest “under five” mortality rate. It is on track to meet its goal of supporting 20 million children by 2020.
  • The Berkeley-based Philanthropy University is a free online suite of classes taught by today’s top academics and practitioners. Its goal is to help non-profit leaders at all levels create capacity-building initiatives around the world.
  • The annual Philanthropreneurship Forum convenes global leaders in academia, government, philanthropy, and the private sector to identify innovative ways to achieve breakthrough levels of social change.
  • Al-Dabbagh’s fourth philanthropic thrust, Game Changing Initiatives, implements programs that reflect one of the four Ps—People, Profit, Planet, or Philanthropy—thanks in part to alignment with one of Al-Dabbagh Group companies’ global centers of excellence.

Al-Dabbagh leads the Al-Dabbagh Group, founded in 1962 by his father. The conglomerate is well on its way toward its goal of being a top 20 wholly-owned global family business by 2020.

Al-Dabbagh moderating a panel at Davos on the future of education (2016)


As steward of his family heritage, Al-Dabbagh leads an initiative called Club 32.  Its goal is to help the 32 members of the family’s third generation (including his own five children) become global leaders in the areas of their greatest passions. Club 32 is on track to achieve a minimum of 20 personal success stories by 2020.


Al-Dabbagh’s first book, Governpreneurship: Establishing a Thriving Entrepreneurial Spirit in Government, features success stories of entrepreneurial practices in government from around the world, including his eight years as Governor of SAGIA.

His second book—Omnipreneurship: An Organized Approach to Living a Life of Meaninglays out the details of his leadership model in order to help you achieve your greatest goals.  Look for it everywhere in 2016. In the interim, sample the book here.

Al-Dabbagh, founder of Philanthropy University, is teaching a free online course based on the principles, practices, and values of his pending book, Omnipreneurship. Join him, and thousands of other learners around the world, for Leadership: 10 Rules for Impact and Meaning.


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