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An Organized Approach to Living a Life of Meaning

By Amr Al-Dabbagh • Available Now
Foreword by Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Achieve your greatest goals—in every aspect of your life

We all yearn for a life of greater meaning—in business, with our families, and in our communities. Some of us want to achieve world-changing outcomes like addressing global warming or reducing poverty. It’s about improving our lives, and our world.

The problem is that too many of us feel too distracted or spent to make a difference. We need a fresh approach that can keep us on track toward our greatest goals—regardless of the forces swirling around us. Omnipreneur Amr Al-Dabbagh shares the personal leadership model he’s relied upon in his latest book, Omnipreneurship.

An omnipreneur takes an entrepreneurial approach to every aspect of life–work, family, community, health, finances, spirituality, and more.

Omnipreneurship is built upon three interlocking principles—giving, earning, and sustaining—that help you aim high, maximize your impact, and live in a balanced state while pursuing your dreams. These principles are bolstered by ten golden rules and five values which provide the underlying engine for intelligent action in every endeavor.

An omnipreneur lives intentionally.

An omnipreneur works with integrity, passion, and a forward-thinking mindset in all actions.  An omnipreneur is habitually collaborative, knowing that inclusiveness ensures the highest levels of success. The omnipreneur thrives in turbulent times and is able to take intelligent risks.

An omnipreneur understands that life is a journey, and that a holistic approach is required to support meaningful action at every turn.

Join the journey. Incorporate Al-Dabbagh’s practical wisdom, and start making your biggest aspirations a reality throughout all phases of your life.

Available Now.

“Al-Dabbagh shows how a new, integrated approach can help you achieve impact beyond your potential.”

— John Quelch, Harvard Business School

“Omnipreneurship is a most imaginative idea to inspire, encourage and enable each one of us to make a difference.”

— F.W. de Klerk, Nobel Peace Prize winner; former President, South Africa

Amr Al Dabbagh is a true global visionary.”

— Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic

Al-Dabbagh has developed a powerful yet simple set of principles to help us all live a good life.”

— Lynn Taliento, McKinsey & Company

To achieve your dreams, you must live your life in a bold and intentional way. Let Al-Dabbagh help.”

— Paulo Coelho, bestselling novelist

“If all families, NGOs, and businesses—indeed, all of us—were to follow Al-Dabbagh’s approach to intentional, collaborative, balanced living, the world would be a safer, happier, and more productive place.”

— David Rockefeller, Chairman of the Board, Rockefeller Foundation